Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Sales Representation

Wider Sea is a very effective sales channel that helps companies proposing their solutions in new territories without incurring in high costs of sales management, sales support, local offices or travelling; ultimately enabling competitive pricing across different countries.

We help marine technology suppliers and service providers by:
Identifying the prospects that would benefit from their products and services
Initiating constructive conversations with the most suited parties
Facilitating the sales process with technical competence, effective information management and maximum availability

Business Development

Being successful in a given market also requires a strategic approach in order to have a valuable offering for the specific needs and preferences of the local customers. We help our clients developing and implementing their strategy towards the maximum satisfaction of their local clients.

Analysing market drives with our clients to understand and anticipate demand
Capturing local preferences and providing feedback on offering
Connecting and managing local sub suppliers and services.

Management Consulting

Thanks to our broad network and knowledge of the maritime industry, we help businesses and NGOs realizing their marine projects. We turn ideas into actionable plans fast and smoothly with a pragmatic yet creative approach.

Our main contribution is:
Identifying and recruiting project partners
Tailoring initiatives to the maritime industry
Facilitating agreements and project planning

Project Management

The effective coordination among several stakeholders is especially important for the successful delivery of complex projects. This include having a shared timeline with clear goals & milestones, organize information effectively and, finally, communicating easily.

To support our clients delivery phase, we offer project management services on demand including:
Planning & Monitoring
In itinere optimisation
Facilitating international cooperation


Sales with technical mastery

The combination of a sound technical background and a strong commercial flair, enabling

Clear understanding of complex technical matters
Reducing sales support time and effort
Enhanced customers' trust​
Comprehensive information

Using state of the art tools and a structured approach, our clients are always on top of their business

Timely and effective queries management
Reports and constant updates
Products feedback from the market and confidence over customer satisfaction