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Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Solutions for ship owners and shipyards
Technologies and services for clean, reliable and efficient ships.

The maritime industry has ambitious decarbonization targets, calling for a further evolution in ship designs and technology. Mandatory rules like the IMO Sulphur cap or Tier III are entering into force. Voluntary environmental class notations such as the ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vessels) or Clean Design are taken into use more often by ship owners and operators with the aim of providing transportation and services with a smaller environmental impact, thus with a competitive advantage. 

Our principals provide effective tools to achieve those targets with efficient propulsion systems, including hybrid and electric options perfectly suitable for every environment including demanding artic applications; exhaust gas cleaning technologies to reduce a variety of harmful emissions including the methane slip and more. If you are looking at newbuilding projects or retrofits to improve the current fleet, we’d be happy to assist you with the help of the specialists from the companies we represent.

Our solutions are applicable to several ship types, including ferries, windfarm installation and support vessels, tankers and bulkers as well as tugs, inland shipping and other workboats.

Steerprop Ltd.
The Azimuth Propulsion Company

Steerprop is a leading designer and manufacturer of azimuth propulsion systems for the most demanding applications and toughest conditions. Since our founding in Finland in 2000, we have delivered fit-for-purpose units for hundreds of vessels, including every third icebreaker in operation around the world. Our unrivaled arctic experience and fit-for-purpose solutions are a testament to our commitment to continuous development, steadfast dedication to meet our customers’ needs and our unwavering resolve to perform.

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Ecospray Technologies
Environmental solutions

Ecospray provides a range of solutions for SOx, NOx and PM removal, specifically designed for the marine industry to comply with global requirements for both air emission and wash water.​

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Breeze Ship Design
Sustainable solutions in Naval Architecture

A team of dedicated specialists in naval architecture with a long track record and a unique expertise of more than 4000 vessels built, including some of the most advanced environmentally compliant vessels and the heritage of important international designers such as Vik Sandvik, Conan Wu & Wärtsilä Ship Design. Breeze turn customer’s vision into reality. Our designs are tailor made, ensuring that the vessel we design for you, is to the exact specification and requirements for your business needs.

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